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A step-by-step process to help online creators ditch their fears, stop procrastinating, and step into the confidence to be seen and get real results in their business.Enroll nowI hear it all the time, my friend…N“I’m stuck!”N“I keep procrastinating!”N“I don’t have any energy!”N“I’m afraid to promote myself!”N“I wish I had more confidence to put myself out there, but…” Since you’re on this page, I’m guessing you’re feeling some of this, too. You want to accomplish more in your business, and maybe you feel like if you just knew it was going to work out — if you knew the step you want to take is the right one and that you wouldn’t face judgement or failure — then you’d have the confidence to go all in. Because if you’re like most of my students, you WANT to go after those big goals and dreams! There’s just one tiny problem…Something is holding you back from doing the big, scary “Thing” to move your dreams forward.The Thing you’re feeling called to do. The Thing that fills you with excited jitters when you think about it — buuuut also kind of makes you feel like you’re gonna be sick to your stomach. What’s your Thing? Maybe it’s… $Finally starting your online business in the first place.$Taking on that new project that you know will put you outside of your comfort zone.$Being “seen” in a bigger way, whether it be through speaking, a webinar, an online course…or anything, really!$Sharing your truth with your audience in a vulnerable way.$Or maybe even changing the direction of your business, because you’re feeling called to do something else. Whatever it is, if you’re like most passionate creators I talk to, even though you WANT it… you just can’t bring yourself to actually DO it.Suddenly, everything else seems so much more important. The dog needs walking, the laundry needs doing, heck, even those baseboards are looking pretty dusty (you should probably clean those for your #creativeflow, am I right?). Or maybe you find yourself spending your time learning All The Things. Facebook ads! Networking events! Speaking seminars! How to sell! How to make a lead magnet!Next thing you know, another day, another week, another month has passed and you still haven’t done The Thing. This may be the point where you start feeling dejected and disappointed — like you’ve let yourself down, like you don’t have enough motivation, and like maybe… maybe you’re not cut out for this after all. I’m here to tell you that that’s not true.Not even close.It’s not that you’re not motivated enough, don’t know enough, or don’t have it in you. It’s just that the FEAR of doing what you need to do is keeping you procrastinating, stalling, and in an endless loop of “learning.” And I get it. I’ve been there, and so have thousands of my students. But guess what? You don’t have to stay stuck in fear and put off your dreams forever.In fact… what if you could dropkick fear and move forward with the confidence to play BIG in your business (and your life)? Could you imagine what it would feel like to…Kinda like this!NConsistently follow through on your goals — especially the “OMG this scares the crap outta me!” ideas.NDitch the status quo and instead create a business and life that’s true to YOUNPut yourself out there without worrying about what people will think (especially those friends from high school you don’t even talk to anymore!)NSee the LIMITLESS possibilities in your business, instead of just focusing on what could go wrong Sound impossible?Spoiler alert: it isn’t! But here’s what most biz owners don’t know…It’s not about taking another marketing or business strategy course. It isn’t even about learning more tactics or formulas! Because if you’re being really honest, how many online business courses have you already bought and never did anything with? So if it’s not about learning more business tactics… how DO you start being more confident in your business and finally focus on the tasks that actually matter? It starts with realizing that our thoughts impact our actions, and our actions impact our results. Think about it…How you THINK about a certain situation determines which ACTIONS you take. If you THINK that launching your business is scary and is going to require you to step outside of your comfort zone and maybe even take on a new identity… then you might do things to stall and procrastinate on actually launching the business. But if you know how to identify limiting beliefs when they come up and address the fears that keep you from taking action and from stepping into your limitless potential… then your ACTIONS and RESULTS will reflect your new beliefs!And that’s exactly why I created The Confident Creator — and why it’s different from any other course out there.Before you learn one more thing about marketing your online course or creating powerful content… you have to first be able to deal with what’s holding you back from taking consistent, powerful action in the first place. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do together.A step-by-step process to help online creators ditch their fears, stop procrastinating, and step into the confidence to be seen and get real results in their business.The Confident Creator isn’t your average online business course. In fact, it’s not really a “business” course at all It’s a course that’s actually going to help you implement every single course you already own.Consider this your mindset bootcamp.We’re going to do the deep work (but in a fun way!), so you can remove the fears that keep you paralyzed, kick perfectionism to the curb, and take consistent, aligned, and confident action toward your goals. “Melyssa is super inspirational and knew exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself and my business, and help clear blocks preventing me from playing bigger. So many great tools here. Thank you!”– Rochelle “Melyssa has a unique way of connecting with you through her screen. You can so clearly see how much she cares and how much she believes what she is saying! Melyssa gave me the emotional and mental fuel to create a brand new offer that I am passionate about – it was inside me all along, and I had no clue!”– Amanda Here’s What’s Inside The Confident CreatorTake a look!Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 1Getting to Know the Real, Limitless YouHow well do you really know yourself? I’m not talking about the #curated version of you. I mean the real, authentic, LIMITLESS you! Well, that’s what this module is all about.

In order to let go of fear and step into your true power, you have to be able to identify what’s actually holding you back (only then can you lovingly let go of what no longer serves you!). You’ll realize that what’s been keeping you from your dreams is not that you’re lazy, not good enough, not experienced enough, or whatever else you’ve been telling yourself. It’s fear — and fear is something you can identify and release.Module 2Committing to YourselfNext, it’s time for radical self love and commitment. Could you imagine what it would be like to be able to live your life without constant self-judgement and self-criticism, and to be able to consistently go after the things you want?Inside this module, you’ll learn what it’s like to step into abundant thinking and develop routines and habits based in a commitment to YOU and your goals. It’s time to ditch the “what if it doesn’t work” mindset and start to see all of the possibilities in and around you. You ready?!Module 3Creating Your New RealityYou’re ready, my friend! It’s time to do The Thing!Inside Module 3, you’ll step fully into your most confident and empowered self, and set up a plan to go after those big, amazing goals (that at this point, don’t even seem that scary!). There are so many possibilities waiting for you — and other limitless relationships waiting to guide and support you, too. It’s time to connect with a community to lean on, create a game plan, and go for it!OH, BONUSES?Yeah, you’ll get plenty.Bonus #1Finding Focus and Flow Masterclass$197 ValueYou started your business because you wanted to feel lit up by what you do… so why do some days feel so draining? This incredible masterclass will show you my exact strategy to activate your creativity to produce better, easier work. Based in neuroscience and psychology, I show you how to create a personalized flow state ritual to instantly feel motivated and creative when you sit down to work. After watching this masterclass you’ll feel invigorated and focused, so you can actually be consistent with your work!Bonus #2Library of Guided Meditations$97 ValueExclusive, guided meditations by yours truly for living a limitless life – to help you align with your authentic self and feel refreshed and grounded on your voyage to confidence. And the best part is?I’ve designed The Confident Creator to be overwhelm-free!Yes, we’re going to be doing deep, transformative work inside this program.And yes, you’re going to be learning A LOT about taking control of your mindset so you can take control of your results!But I’m not about to just throw it all at ya and say, “GOOD LUCK!”I’ve broken everything down into a step-by-step system (which you have LIFETIME access to!), so you can take small, consistent action that leads to big results.Remember – it’s not a matter of doing ALL THE THINGS. It’s about focusing on the right things! And I’m breaking down exactly where you need to focus every step of the way.“With her down to earth advice, Melyssa is really invested in our success, offering heartfelt advice and support throughout her programs. Thank you, Melyssa! You are an amazing inspiration to the mission of serving and helping others!”– Linda “Melyssa is an amazing person, very generous, inspiring. Each video made me think, made me more thankful for all the opportunities that are on the way, to see the positive side of everything happening and to dream bigger. Thank you!!”– Martine So tell me…Are you ready to finally run your business from a place of I-can-do-anything confidence? (Instead of this-is-all-so-overwhelming fear?)I truly believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world, and that you can accomplish ANYTHING with the right mindset.Yet so many online creators are focused on the external part of their business — the strategies and the “doing” of all the things — that they never pay attention to what’s going on inside of them.And that’s why so many stay stuck in indecision, procrastination, and fear, putting off what they feel called to do and instead focusing on what they feel like they’re “supposed” to do.Consider that your procrastination, lack of motivation, overwhelm, and addiction to information are all just symptoms of living in fear.IT’S TIME TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH CONFIDENCE + COURAGEBy using my Confident Creator Method, you can reprogram your fear-based thoughts and start getting confidence-based results.The Confident Creator is the exact course to help you dropkick perfectionism and permission-seeking, and instead take control of your thoughts, habits, and results.It’s here to help you focus on the true driver of your entire life — your mind.And because I know firsthand what can happen when you let go of scarcity thinking and step into your limitless potential, my intention is to make this program as accessible and easy for you as possible.“Melyssa is the kindest, most loving, yet push-you-to-be-your-best coach I could imagine. I think she’s absolutely brilliant, has fresh and exciting ideas for everyone and is an amazing source of knowledge. I feel like she always knows what questions to ask to help you find your own answers.”– Laura “Thank you, Melyssa, for providing the push I needed to get my ideas and value out there to give back and help my audience in the best way I could. I filmed possibly one of the most personal and in-depth videos after watching your trainings, it helped me connect more deeply to my audience (something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time).”– Sonia That’s me!How do I know The Confident Creator will work for you? Because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.Hi! I’m your teacher and coach, Melyssa Griffin. I help entrepreneurs and content creators create profitable, purpose-driven companies, and heal from the old thought patterns that keep them stuck.So how the heck did I get qualified to support you grow your business into a full-time gig AND step into the most authentic version of yourself at the same time?Well, if all these photos of happy, sunny me, playing in a happy, sunny workspace lead you to believe otherwise…… I haven’t always run a multi 7 figure company.… and I haven’t always felt fulfilled.It all started when my business began to suddenly take off several years ago. As someone who, previously, could barely afford the rent on her studio apartment, it felt completely outrageous to soon be running a multimillion dollar business in my 20s.As my business began to grow, I felt an intense fear that I was an imposter in a world of people more worthy than me. So, I stayed small. I fit in. I shared the “perfect” version of myself because I deemed the “regular ol’ me” as laughably unacceptable.I noticed myself hustling for approval and validation on a near-constant basis — but in a subtle, undetectable way (one you might even find familiar), like posting a perfect-but-not-too-perfect photo on Instagram to show that I was simultaneously relatable, yet also #goals.It worked, until it didn’t.Eventually, I realized that chasing money and perfection were just cover-up jobs for the real pain I was avoiding: The fear that I wasn’t enough as I was.And I knew that if I was feeling this way… thousands of my students probably were, too.After years of self-exploration and radical risk-taking, I’ve not only helped myself ditch my fears to create a life I love… I’ve helped my students do it, too.I know firsthand that with the right method, you can let go of the fear of putting yourself out there and finally go after what you really want (and get incredible results because of it!). And I’m honored to share my method with you (it only took me a few years to master!).Are you ready to step into the most confident, fearless, and empowered version of you?Let’s do this!

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